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Can you imagine that you have some best friends like Strawberry Shortcake has? It would be awesome! We can share everything like clothes, foods, bedroom, house, boyfriend or girlfriend. Well, forget the last one! Yes, I have best friends. Just call them Big N and Little N.
We started to hold this friendship when we were in a 2nd grade. At that time, Big N and Little N were new students. Although their genders are different, they sat together. Yes, they were seatmates. Big N is a cute boy, he's tall, he has a black hair, brown eyes, thin lips and when he smiles he looks super cute just like Logan Lerman my favorite actor. Little N is a pretty girl with wavy hair, black eyes and brown skin just like Javanese people in common, she's nice and adorable.
When it came a breaktime, we spent it together in a canteen. We loved to eat gulali and cotton candy. When the school was over, we didn't go home together because their house are so far from school, so their mamas were always pick…

Mid Test

Hey fellas... long time no post here!!! Ini semua karena buku harian baru yang gue beli di toko buku bersama Ifa.
Okay, berita hot dari gue adalah... gue udah menyelesaikan mid test! semoga hasilnya bagus. Amen. Blogger, doakan aku!
Yap, gue keliatan gak niat banget ya nge-blog-nya. Lagi-lagi karena gue udah punya temen baru yang lebih bisa menjaga privasi gue, tak lain tak bukan; buku harian baru yang gue beli di toko buku bersama Ifa.
And... ya, hanya itu aja yang mau gue sampaikan ke semuanya yang baca blog gue. Maaf banget deh ya, ini emang postingan yang paling gak penting sedunia. Well, beside gue tulis ini hanya untuk menunjukan bahwa blog gue masih berfungsi, masih dipedulikan.
Love peace and unyuuuuuuu... see ya on my next post!